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Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, has been blessed with several attractive places that are perfect for family vacations. It has a unique blend of nature, history, culture as well as beaches. Built on seven hills, it is the greenest among Indian cities and at the same time, the most sedate. This previous seat of the Travancore Empire proudly exhibits its royal splendour inspite of the bustling cosmopolitanism and its tall new generation mansions. If you are an ardent art lover, you can enjoy exploring its various art galleries and British colonial structural design. A stretched shoreline with globally renowned exotic beaches, verdant countryside, remarkable monuments, lush backwaters and a prosperous cultural heritage makes this place a very attractive tourist destination worldwide and you would love to spend a wonderful time at this destination. Thiruvananthapuram is very clean and so green that it is one of the most beautiful cities of South India. Trivandrum is a comparatively condensed but active and vibrant city and has calm and relaxed urban life. Most of the tourists merely visit from here the close by beach resorts of Varkala and Kovalam. This place will also offer you beautiful sights such as a collection of Victorian museums which justify a tourist’s visit to this city.

Places to Visit

The whole tour package includes all these places, like the zoo, temple, backwaters, sanctuaries, Ayurvedic centers, etc.

Padmanabhapuram Palace The palace is a very important and major tourist destination in India. The palace is positioned amongst the top 10 grand palaces of the world. It serves to be a major attraction due to having a famous Hindu temple in the vicinity.

Palace Museum and Kuthiramalika Palace

These are the traditional structures that adorn the Fort enclave of the temple. Palace Museum is an erstwhile royal building which houses a good collection of invaluable belongings of the Travancore empire. Kuthiramalika Palace is a unique palace designed by Maharaja Swathi Thirunal (the famous singer-king of Travancore). The name is derived from its horse shaped windows and exquisite series of sculptured prancing horses that line in the first floor gallery.

Noth Park Ground

North Park Ground is an oasis of hilly woodland with in which there is a couple of museum, gallery, botanical garden, lake, zoo and a reptile house, comfortably nestled within the city limits. The outstanding building is the Napier Museum. Dating back to 1880, the building features a blend of Kerala, Mughal, Chinese and Italian styles of architecture.

Chitra Art Gallery

This gallery houses a vast collection of ancient and modern paintings from India and South-East Asia, especially from Mughal, Rajasthani, Tanjore schools and from Roerich, China, Japan, Tibet, and Bali. The main attraction is the famous oil paintings of Raja Ravi Varma.

Trivandrum Golf Club

Spread over a sprawling 25 acres, the nine-holed course is enriched with more than 3,400 trees of over 1,000 species. Guests and non-members are also permitted to play here. The typically colonial heritage club building is more than 100 years old.

Kanaka Kunnu Palace 

Kanaka kunnu Palace is the cultural hotspot of the town. The large palace and its spacious gardens ablaze with flowers was once the banquet palace for royal guests. The grand lit up lawns are now open air auditoriums where many cultural events houses.

Veli Kayal

Kochu Veli, is a small strip of land where the placid back waters merges with boundless blue of Arabian Sea. It is a wonderful picnic spot and is developed as a tourist village. A water front park with wading pool, boating facilities, a floating restaurant and bridge, aqua sports facilities and a beautiful garden entertains the endless visitors. Just sit back by the cool lake side or take a stroll through the floating bridge, you will have an incredible experience.

Akkulam Village

It is basically a picnic spot operated by DTPC and has many recreational activities for the Children such as swimming pool, children’s pools and parks. This village is the perfect tourist place which is very near to the Trivandrum airport and the central railway station.

Sanghumukham Beach

The beach is situated about 8 km away from Trivandrum. The beach is a popular picnic spot, and a great mermaid masquet.

Thiruvananthapuram Zoo

It is the oldest 55 acre zoo in Asia. Its inhabitants include various species of Nilgiri langur, Asiatic lion, Indian rhinoceros, Leopard and White lion, zebras, etc. The zoo also has a snake farm which is a home to many poisonous snakes.

When to Visit

You can plan your trip to this beautiful city from October to March. During the hot and humid climate of summers it becomes restricted for the tourists to explore the city. The city is greatly a winter fascination.

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How to Reach Air

Located about 6 km from the heart of Thiruvananthapuram city, is the Trivandrum International airport which connects the city to all the major international and national links such as the Maldives, Singapore and the whole Middle East.

How to Reach Road

Both long and short distance buses operate from Thiruvananthapuram’s central bus station, which is well connected with all South Indian cities.

How to Reach Rail

Regular trains operate from Thiruvananthapuram towards all the major Indian cities, so the railways connect all the major cities to this beautiful city very well.

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