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Guruvayoor is quite famous as a pilgrimage destination for Hindus in most of the South India. It is also a major wedding destination for most of the people in central Kerala. Besides being a pilgrimage destination, there are also many offbeat things to do in Guruvayoor. It is increasingly becoming a tourist destination and many who come to pay homage to Lord Krishna also prefer to visit some attractions nearby.

Historical Importance:

Legends say that Guruvayoor is almost 5000 years old as the Guruvayur temple idol is. It is also believed that Lord Krishna, asked 2 sages to take the idol from his temple in Dwarka while the city was being destroyed and establish it in Kerala. In the 14th century, Tamil literature 'Kokasandesam', references about a place called Kuruvayur is made. As early as 16th century, many references are seen about Kuruvayur.

Places to Visit in Guruvayoor:

Guruvayoor Temple:

A list about Guruvayoor can never be started without mention of the Sree Guruvayoorappan Temple. Temple Opens at 3 am with Nirmalyadarsan, remains closed from 12.30 pm to 4.30 pm. The worship and darshan continue till 10 at night. Situated in the middle of a large courtyard, the main shrine is surrounded by arcades, souvenir shops, an open theater, a vast pond and several other buildings.

Elephant Park (Anakotta):

Anakotta also known as Anathavalam, is an elephant park just 4 km from Guruvayoor like no other. It has become a major tourist attraction. Elephants belonging to Guruvayoor temple are kept in a ten acre plot near Mammiyoor. It gives a chance to walk alongside fifty to eighty mighty elephants.

Palayoor Church:

It is a legendary fact that St Thomas brought Christianity to Kerala immediately after the days of Jesus Christ. Palayoor Church, 2 kms from Guruvayoor town, stands in testimony to the pioneering work of the saint. Initially built by St. Thomas, the Church is an interesting place to gain insights into the development of one of the major religions in Kerala.

Chettuva backwater:

It is still an unexplored tourist attraction and is a beautiful mix of intertwining canals, coconut groves and islets. On moving forward, the backwater opens into the ocean a kilometre from the Chettuva bridge. One can hire a boat and go for a beautiful ride along the canal.

Blangad Beach

Blangad beach is only a few kms away from Chettuva backwaters and harbour. It is ideal for taking an evening stroll and around 5:30 pm one can watch beautiful sunset on the beach. Around this time you can also see fishermen in action and if lucky can buy some fresh booty. It is only 7 kms from Guruvayoor.

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How to Reach Air

The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport.

How to Reach Road

Guruvayoor is 29 kms from Thrissur and 108 kms from Cochin. One can find buses to the place at an interval of 15 minutes from both stations.

How to Reach Rail

The nearest railway station is the Guruvayoor Railway station and almost all passenger trains stop at the station.

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