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  • GoKerala or Go Home

    What do you choose #GoKerala or Go Home?

    The land of vivid beauty, Kerala is rapidly becoming one of the highest visited states in India when it comes to tourism. With beautiful golden beaches, lofty mountain ranges, emerald backwaters and powerful art forms, there are a lot of tourist attractions in Kerala to suit every traveller’s need.

    The tourism sector is gaining importance with every passing minute. In its bid to draw tourists from not only national but also international borders to the State, Kerala Tourism board has launched a '#GoKerala' campaign. It focuses on targeted promotional activities and proposed campaign.

    What are the Features of #GoKerala Campaign?

    • Authentic Promotion

    It is content led campaign with integrated touch points and a devoted microsite. The entire campaign is backed by holiday experiences and reviews of genuine tourists across the globe. The GoKerala promotion is a way to highlight Kerala as an authentic destination to travellers from far of regions like United Kingdom and the Middle East.

    • Grabbing International Eyeballs

    Buses in London are carrying the #GoKerala branding campaign and showcasing amazing photographs of the traditional houseboats, backwaters of Kerala and cultural activity like Kathakali. This generates awareness about India’s pristine state and what it has to offer to its visitors. Information kits, brochures, spices, t-shirts, etc. were largely distributed among commuters.

    • Encouragement Through Lucky Draws

    Unlike traditional marketing campaigns where the focus is only on creating awareness about the destination, the #GoKerala campaign takes a notch higher by encouraging people to participate in contests on all social media platforms. Five lucky couples are given a 10 days all-expense paid trip to Kerala along with sightseeing expeditions to all the pristine tourist places in Kerala.

    • Statistical Approach

    1.32 crores and 10.38 lakhs domestic and international tourist arrivals respectively have been recorded in the past year. This statistical information is shared on overall marketing mediums that lures the travellers further into understanding what Kerala and its offerings are.

    • Going From Local To Global

    The #GoKerala campaign was carried out on local levels in the city, with a view to engaging directly with the passer-by. Later, it went from local to global. Live Mohiniyattam and Kathakali performances were screened along with a travel film on Kerala at the international stations. This drew the attention of a large crowd and they were also treated to lip-smacking traditional Kerala snacks.

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